Master Effortless Value

Growth is not about saving time so you can do more, but choosing wisely so you can do better

(without being available 24/7)

One of the biggest frustration with growing a business is when you are stuck and nothing progresses in a consistent way.

The worst part is when you realise that YOU are the biggest bottleneck.

✔️ You are squeezing countless things into your to-do list, yet never have enough time for strategy
✔️ You are always busy checking on the team, yet spend very little time developing them
✔️ You spend countless hours in meetings, yet so many things get lost in translation

The good news is that you can do better.

Start downloading the Guide to identify the current bottleneck for you AND your business, so you can plan how to invest your time better: creating real value instead of being stuck with an endless to-do list.

What do clients say:

"Taking two steps back and let the team drive operations and having an efficient KPI setup, gives me the needed information to make sure things are running as they should. I can now take time off when I need it."

"The program is exciting as it allows you to address realities of your day-to-day life that you would not otherwise stop to observe. I have found a space of reflection, and with the help of Serena, who understands your personal/work situation, is key."

"The sessions were a great space to get clarity on what I need to do to rally drive my business forward, and develop personally. Serena was supportive, personable and insightful, I would happily work with her again in future."

A guide to get unstuck and find a better way to grow

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